Here’s what I’m working on now:

Focusing on getting results for my clients at Renegade Empire

My main focus is serving my clients with my digital marketing agency Renegade Empire. After more than 12 years in business, I’m adding more marketing services to what we offer and getting more particular about the clients we work with.

Training in NLP

I’ve been training in NLP James Tsakalos. So far I’ve done Prac, Master Prac and then back of room at Prac. Each time it seems like massively upgrade my mind and my life. I’m excited to learn more and put it into practice as much as I can.

Practicing copywriting

I’ve been writing copy for some time. Mostly for clients, rarely for my own projects. I am planning to change that and publish more on this site.

Filming for a rollerblading edit

I’m working on filming tricks and improving my rollerblading skills. I have never been more intentional about my skating in my life, it feels awesome. I’ve been rollerblading for a long time. I took a break because I wasn’t enjoying it any more and thought I needed to grow up. Turns out, it’s still fun and it’s great for my body and mind (except when I eat sh#t, which is often).

Using the Full Focus Planner

I try to be as productive as I can and this planner really helps. Especially on the off days. I always liked to plan, but I forever tried to find “the best system” which it seems like the best system is the one you actually remember to do and stick to, that gets results. I’m all in on this one.

100Km running in July

Yep as above, doing some runs with my buddy Paulie. Well, he doesn’t want to run with me lol so we just cheer each other on via Strava.

Letting go of…

Ego – I’m just a monkey with a plan, stop taking myself so seriously.

What other people think (what I think other people think) – reminding myself I can never truly know and that it doesn’t serve me to make it up.

Past regrets and failures – learning the lessons, letting go of the rumination over the pain

Fear – I have realised how much this holds me back in life, so I’m looking at ways I can face it every day to prove I can and to grow.