Practice the process

If you want to achieve a goal, you’re going to need to take a series of steps to get there.

You can’t just think about what you want, you need to actually take action.

Not just any action – consistent action over time.

This is where a lot of people get stuck. They want the result, but the consistent action doesn’t give an immediate return, so they give up.

This is where the practice comes in.

It’s not about just all of a sudden becoming the kind of person you want, or having the skills you’ve dreamed of.

No, to get better at anything, to create change takes practice over time.

The actions you need to take are the process. The habit of doing them consistently is the practice.

This is what it takes to learn an instrument, to grow a business, to learn public speaking, to become a writer, to improve your skills in any area of life.

Decide your goal. Define the actions. Practice the process.

And congratulate yourself for every time you show up and practice, no matter how far it might feel from where you want to be.

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